Military Pet Relocation

Military Pet Relocation

When you receive your PCS Orders, you will have a lot to think about and handle in the upcoming months. If you have pets that you are planning to relocate with you, this can only complicate the process. This is a good time to reach out to us at Continental Pet Relocation to assist with everything required to get your beloved pet moved to their new home. Some countries require advanced planning, so it’s best to reach out to us the moment it is decided that your pet is moving.

We have first hand experience with military pet relocation and knowledge of all of the country requirements. With agents all over the world, we can provide the full door to door relocation for your pet! This helps you to focus on all of the other important responsibilities that you will have with your relocation.

As a military family, we understand the burden and responsibilities associating with the relocation process and the sacrifices made each and every day. We are well aware of the challenges associated with the pet relocation process and we are here to help and make the process easier and less stressful! We look for most affordable and best routing for your pet – their comfort and safety are always our top priority! 

With our experience in helping so many military families relocate, we can provide guidance and assistance, ensuring your pet has met all of the country requirements to make the process a smooth and stress free move!

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PCSing with your Pets

If the next duty station is within the United States, PCSing is like moving from one town to another. On-post housing generally impose a two-pet limit. A domestic health certificate is required for the airlines dated within 10 days of travel.

For International Relocations, a bit more is required.

Different countries have different requirements for importing pets. Some countries, such as Italy, require a professional pet shipper to handle the import. Continental Pet Relocation can help with the booking and all of the requirements that your pet will need.

Some countries, such as Hawaii and Japan, require a rabies titer test and a list of requirements to avoid a long quarantine. This planning is required at least 6 months in advance.

Pet also are required to travel in airline approved travel crates. Please visit our page to determine the correct travel crate – Airline Approved Pet Carriers

Continental Pet Relocation has partners all over the world to ensure a smooth door to door relocation for your pets.

We honor all of the women and men that serve our country. As a way of saying Thank You,we offer a 5% discount for all military relocations

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