As a door-to-door Pet Shipping and Pet Relocation Specialist, we specialize in International Pet Shipping. We relocate and ship pets all over the world including The UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Dubai, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South America among many other destinations. We provide peace of mind that your pet will meet all of the country import requirements and as members of The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), we only work with trusted colleagues around the world to facilitate a smooth relocation for your pet!

Safety is our top priority -We are registered with the USDA and comply with both the Animal Welfare Act and the IATA guidelines regarding the transport and shipping of all live animals. We ensure that your pet meets all of the airline and country requirements for export and import. We offer a very personal approach to the relocation process with step by step guidance and communication throughout the entire process. We feel privileged to be a part of your family’s relocation process and we take great pride in ensuring that we do everything possible to make your move a stress free process!


 Continental Pet Relocation has over 15 years experience in pet relocation and always up to date with the import and export regulations throughout the world. We offer a very personal approach with constant guidance and communication through the entire process. We provide you with all of the required import and export documents and review everything to ensure your pet meets all requirements.

To determine how we can best assist you with your pet relocation, please contact us. 

pet shipping, pet relocation, ship my pet

pet shipping, pet relocation, pet travel, ship my pet
This review is long overdue, and I feel terrible for not telling the world sooner how wonderful Heather and Kristi from Continental Pet Relocation are! They were so very communicative and very detail-oriented. They were able to help me relocate my Border Collie, Rorschach, from California to London on short notice. All the paperwork and fine details were handled with ease. Honestly, I barely lifted a finger! They made sure he arrived to the airport safely and kept in touch every step of the way. These two were also very patient with all my questions (as one can imagine how nerve-wracking flying your beloved companion overseas can be). I would definitely recommend Heather and Kristi at Continental Pet Relocation for your furry companion’s relocation needs!