Pet Transportation to Japan

Pet Shipping to Japan Introduction

Your Pet Relocation Specialist at Continental Pet Relocation will guide you through the entire process of your pet(s) relocation. Our services always include detailed instructions & guidance regarding airline & country-required documents, templates, pre-filled health certificates, and FedEx prepaid labels for USDA endorsement processing. Please view the below overview of the requirements for importing pets to Japan.

Pet Travel Microchip & Vaccinations Requirements

Time frame: Recommended at least 180 days prior to departure date

Japan requires pets arriving from The US to have a microchip, 2 rabies vaccines, a blood test, advanced notification, and an import permit.


Must be implanted before 1st rabies vaccination with proof of implant date or verification date. The microchip must be recorded on rabies certificate(s) and rabies titer blood test results.

*Exception if implanted before second rabies if the blood is drawn for the titer test same day


1st Rabies Vaccination pet must be at least 91 days old at the time of vaccination

2nd Rabies Vaccination-administered at least 31 days after 1st vaccination

FAVN-OIE Rabies Antibody Test Results

Serum rabies antibody levels must be ≥0.5 IU/ml and must be carried out at a laboratory approved by the Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries in Japan. Animals microchipped before or on the day of the 1st rabies vaccine, the serum sample may be collected on the date of the 2nd vaccination or any day until the end of the effective period of the 2nd vaccination.

Approved Laboratories:

Kansas State University DOD Veterinary Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory

An original document is required for travel

180 Day waiting period from blood draw

  1. Approved Permit from Japan Animal Quarantine Station
  2. International Health Exam with Nationally Accredited Veterinarian-Issuance of Japan Form AC Health Certificate, transit Certificate for the EU, and APHIS7001 US Health Certificate for airline
  3. USDA endorsement of Health Certificates (no USDA needed if approved military veterinarian)

Other recommended vaccines/treatments

Immunization: Japan recommends that the following immunizations be given to dogs and cats that are 91 days old or older 30 days prior to their arrival in Japan (within the vaccine immunization effectiveness period).

  1. Dogs: distemper, contagious hepatitis (Adenovirus type II acceptable), parvovirus infectious disease trivalent vaccine (parainfluenza, leptospirosis, coronavirus)
  2. Cats: feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia trivalent vaccine

Parasite treatment: Japan recommends the following parasite treatments before departure (no more than 4 days before boarding):

  1. External parasites: Treat with medicines effective against mites and fleas, and at the time of export have a clinical inspection to confirm that the animal is free from these parasites.
  2. Internal parasites: administer medicine effective against nematodes and tapeworms.

Pet Import Documentation

Time frame – Within 10 days prior to departure

Health Certificate must be signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian and endorsed by The USDA or approved military veterinarian within 10 days of the dog or cat departure.

Japan Pet Import Services

We can provide the following import services for Japan:

  •         Advanced Notification
  •         Import Permit
  •         Customs Clearance
  •         Quarantine Clearance
  •         Boarding
  •         Ground transport delivery within Tokyo
  •         Forward flight to OKA, FUK, IWK, HIJ

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With snow storms and a pandemic Heather managed to get my cat from Atlanta to Dublin! She communicated so well with me and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of her help. I would highly recommend Continental Pet Relocation to anyone trying to get their pet across the ocean!

Alice Boyle 03/01/2021

Heather was easy to get in touch with. The process went smoothly and our three animals arrived safely and happily in Germany. We will recommend this company to our friends and use them to bring our fur babies back home.

Bobby Cyr 11/13/2019

Continental Pet helped me relocate my cat, Panther, to England Oct 2020 and they did a wonderful job. Kristi and Heather were flexible with our last minute bookings and all the paperwork changes that Covid-19 entailed. They helped me through each phase of the process and gave me really useful checklists far in advance for the vet visits and forms needed for travel. Panther was so cared for! And Kristi and Heather made themselves available at all times for texts and calls. Can't recommend them enough! I wanted the best for my little guy and know I got it using their services.


I am very thankful I picked Continental Pet Relocation to coordinate my Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound safe travel from USA to Europe. The team was on top of every detail concerning the move. The move overseas was already stressful but knowing my dogs travel was taken care of by the professionals at Continental Pet Relocation provided me a peace of mind. I highly recommend Continental Pet Relocation and will use them again.

Amy Smith 01/27/2021

I would highly recommend using Continental Pet Relocation. My husband and I will use them if we ever need to move our dog overseas again! Heather and Katie were very quick to respond and made the whole process very easy! We moved our Portuguese Water Dog from the US to Germany. The original departure date was canceled due to strikes for Lufthansa. Katie made sure we were updated and worked with us to get our pup out as soon as possible.


I was extremely nervous about shipping our 80 lbs lab to Germany, especially during the covid crisis with limited flights. Heather made the process easy with detailed instructions, and took care of everything. She is flexible as well which was great when my vets office took longer than anticipated for paperwork. She even updated me about her flight status and offered to help with process of picking her up in Germany. My dog was well taken care of at the boarding facility before her flight and was happy when she got off the plane.


We cannot thank Kristi and Heather enough for getting our two dogs and cat shipped from North Carolina to Austria. They made everything super easy and they are so knowledgeable in the process of shipping pets. They replied to every question I had almost immediately. Kept us informed every step of the way. They really remove the stress out of what would have been a stressful situation. I highly recommend them and they’ll be my first call should we need to move again. Thanks so much Kristi and Heather. Best regards, David and Laura.

David Beachy 01/18/2021

Heather was amazingly responsive to all my inquiries when we shipped our Rhodesian Ridgeback back to the US and needed ground transportation from GA to NC. She kept us updated when our dog’s flight was detoured to Charlotte, and when she finally landed in Atlanta. Ground transportation was speedy, and our old dog was in great hands. We will definitely use them again.

J Loomis 08/02/2020

Spectacular service! I was extremely stressed throughout the whole process of shipping my Lab from the US to Germany but the staff at CPR practically took me by the hand made it all seem easy! The near daily communication and instructions were succinct and accurate, my questions were answered promptly and there was always a thorough follow-up as I completed each step of the process. A truly amazing service! Thank you!


I am genuinely grateful for Heather and Kristi at Continental Pet Relocation. They have gone above and beyond to get my fur babies from North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan. I never recommend doing things last minute; however, when our two pet shipper companies failed me and my family, Heather and Kristi were able to do the impossible with such little time. I cannot say thank you enough to them and the rest of their team. I completely trusted them, and I made the right choice! Thank you, Continental Pet Relocation, for all you’ve done for my family and me!

Anna Kallal 10/06/2022

We were moving from Germany to the US in the middle of the pandemic, needing to book flights right as the CDC announced their rabies ban and airlines stopped flying dogs. Heather was communicative, understanding, and so helpful. Her team was consistently professional. They were also just kind people, which goes such a long way for nervous pet parents hoping to ensure their baby gets to their destination safely. We are so grateful that we reached out to Continental.


Heather and Kristi were fantastic and so helpful when we relocated our small 20lb dog, Rexi, from Seattle to London, while personally and professionally handling lots of twists, turns and unexpected challenges with logistics. Couldn’t have imagined shipping her on our own, and so thankful for their help with everything. We’re now all settled in and exploring the UK! Thanks again and highest recommendation for those considering shipping a pet!

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