As a door-to-door Pet Shipping and Pet Relocation Specialist, we are committed to providing whole care, delivering complete peace of mind to you and your beloved pet. Safety, comfort and timely delivery mean everything to us.

We specialize in both domestic Pet Relocation within the US as well as International Pet Relocation. We relocate pets from the US to the UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Dubai, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, among many other destinations. We provide professional Pet Transport and Pet Relocation and most of all, peace of mind that your pet is in good hands ! As members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Association), we work with trusted colleagues all over the world to help facilitate a smooth door to door relocation.

As a Certified USDA handler, all of our procedures meet or exceed the Animal Welfare Act specifications as well as the IATA guidelines regarding shipping Live Animals.

We offer a very personal approach to the relocation process with step by step guidance and communication throughout the entire process ! We feel privileged to be a part of your family’s relocation process and take great pride in ensuring that we do everything in our power to make the move a stress free one.

To inquire about your Pet Relocation, Pet Shipping, or Pet Transport needs, Please click on the Request A Quote tab to complete the form.

Our service will assist you with all the pet transportation laws & rules, documentation, necessary vaccinations, and mandatory quarantines that vary upon location.

There are a number of variables involved in pet transportation based on destination, and our team is trained to handle all the intricacies associated with each airline both domestic and international.


Our Pet Relocation Specialist will:

· Make all necessary travel arrangements, ensuring the most direct flights and cost-effective route.

· Ensure that all required health documentation is in place.

· Ensure all international requirements are met, including import permits, “pet passports” and USDA requirements

· Ensure that your pet is transported in an approved airline kennel. Arrange for all necessary flight transfers, kenneling and ground    transportation.

· Arrange for customs clearance for pets flying into the United States.

· Keep you informed of your pet’s status while on its domestic or international journey.

· Certain destinations require pet import documentation and health documentation (Including vaccination and lab testing), as well as mandatory pet quarantine required by some countries

· Our team of experts will ensure that your beloved pet is well taken care of before, during and after departure.


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