Pet Relocation Services



Continental Pet Relocation is a USDA Certified Pet Relocation Service. As members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), we are knowledgeable with all the up to date changes and regulations in the Pet Shipping Industry. Being a member of the IPATA organization as a Pet Relocation Service also provides us with colleagues both domestic and international to help facilitate any move, anywhere. Both Domestic and International Pet Travel requires specific documentation as well as immunizations. Our experts are here to help! We provide you with all the necessary requirements and keep you informed throughout the entire process. We provide detailed information regarding the proposed travel arrangements. We carefully research and provide a customized flight schedule that ensures the safest and quickest routing for your beloved pets. We track the flights and make sure that you stay informed throughout their entire journey.

Continental Pet Relocation only works with “Pet Friendly” airlines that meet the following standards:

Climate controlled waiting areas. Your pet will remain in a climate controlled area until it is time for them to board the flight.

Climate controlled, pressurized cargo holds. Your pet will enjoy the exact same conditions as the people in the passenger hold above him throughout his flights.

Pet Friendly climate controlled vehicles. We only book with airlines with a dedicated live animal staff that shuttle the pets from the waiting area to the airplane with climate controlled vehicles. Comfort Stops and Overnight Layovers – Often itineraries require a connection between the origin and the destination. The designated boarding facilities will provide walks, water and food and ensure the crate is clean for the connecting flight.



We pride ourselves on providing peace of mind with our services. We treat your family members as if they are a part of our family. We have often been compliments on our commitment to care and communication, allowing our clients to rest easy that their pets are in good hands!



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