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Is Pet Travel Safe

Regarding pet transport, safety is always the top concern for you and us. Shipping your pet as “manifested cargo” is the safest travel option and is the only option for snubbed-nosed pets. Pets traveling with “Pet Safe” airlines as manifested cargo are handled by employees specifically trained to handle live animals and ensure the safe transport of pets. The pets are given priority, transported in climate-controlled vehicles to and from the aircraft, and loaded last on, first off and limited time on the tarmac during this process.

We ensure that every necessary precaution is taken to keep your pet safe and well during their travels. We only work with pet-friendly airlines that have dedicated live animal programs in which pets are transported in temperature-controlled vehicles, and the cargo hold is climate controlled and pressurized. To learn more about the difference in booking your pet as manifested cargo with us versus shipping your pet as excess baggage, click here

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