Continental Pet Relocation is a Pet Shipping and Pet Travel Service. As a door to door Pet Shipping and Pet Relocation Specialist, we are committed to providing whole care, delivering complete peace of mind to you and your beloved pet. Safety, comfort and timely delivery mean everything to us. We specialize in International Pet Relocation. We relocate pets all over the world, including The UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Dubai, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand among many other destinations. We provide professional Pet Shipping and Pet Relocation services with peace of mind that your pet is in good hands! As a member of the International Pet and Animal Association (IPATA), we work with trusted colleagues all over the world to ensure a smooth door to door relocation for your pet.

As a certified USDA handler, all of our procedures and standards meet or exceed the Animal Welfare Act specifications as well as the IATA guidelines regarding shipment of Live Animals. We offer a very personal approach to the relocation process with step by step guidance and communication throughout the entire process! Our experts are here to help! We provide you with all the necessary requirements and keep you informed throughout the entire process. We provide detailed information regarding the proposed travel arrangements. We carefully research and provide a customized flight schedule that ensures the safest and quickest routing for your beloved pets. We track the flights and make sure that you stay informed throughout their entire journey.

We feel privileged to be a part of your family’s relocation process and we take great pride in ensuring that we do everything in our power to make the move a stress free one! Our company will assist you with all of the pet shipping laws and requirements, documentation, necessary vaccinations, and mandatory quarantines that vary depending on location. Our team is trained to handle all of the intricacies associated with each airline and every destination.


International Pet Travel and Pet Relocation requires a knowledge of the importing country requirements for pets. We handle all of the export and import documents to ensure your pet arrives with complete and correct documents for a quick release from customs. This process includes import permits, customs clearance, international health documents to meet the country requirements, government endorsement, and quarantine reservations when required.


Continental Pet Relocation only works with “Pet Friendly” airlines that meet the following standards:

Climate controlled waiting areas. Your pet will remain in a climate controlled area until it is time for them to board the flight.

Climate controlled, pressurized cargo holds. Your pet will enjoy the exact same conditions as the people in the passenger hold above him throughout his flights.

Pet Friendly climate controlled vehicles. We only book with airlines with a dedicated live animal staff that shuttle the pets from the waiting area to the airplane with climate controlled vehicles. If a comfort stop or overnight layovers is required, the designated boarding facilities have trained pet professionals that will provide proper care, including walks, water and food and ensure the crate is clean for the connecting flight.





An international pet transport can have its challenges as there are country regulations and requirements that vary depending on the country of origin and country of destination. Often an ISO Microchip, International Health Certificate, and Rabies Certificate are required. Import Permits and blood tests are also required in some countries as well as quarantine.

The costs involved with international pet shipping depend on the weight and size of the pet and kennel, the destination, and the method in which they are transported. The most inexpensive way is to carry on board, but this is restricted to the smaller pets and the countries that allow import as excess baggage. Some counties require that live animals be imported only as Manifested Cargo.

To prepare your pet for travel, it’s always a good idea to get them acclimated to their kennel. Recommended soft bedding, favorite toys, and an “open door” policy will encourage them to spend time in their kennel prior to travel. Please visit our page about crate acclimation for more information.

To help facilitate the step by step process and guidance in shipping your pet, it is recommended to book services with as much advanced notice as possible to avoid any potential import delays.


  • We make all of the necessary travel arrangements, ensuring the most direct flights and cost-effective pet friendly route.
  • Provide complete guidance every step of the process, including the required documents for export and import. We ensure that all of the required health documentation is in place.
  • Ensure that all of the international requirements are met, including Import Permits and country requirements.
  • Ensure that your pet is transported in an approved airline kennel that meets requirements, arrange for all necessary flight transfers, kenneling and ground transportation.
  • Arrange for Customs Clearance and quarantine if required.
  • Offer communication 24/7 and keep you informed throughout your entire pet’s journey.


We pride ourselves on providing peace of mind with our services. We treat your family members as if they are a part of our family. We are often complimented on our commitment to care and communication, allowing our clients to rest easy that their pets are in good hands! 


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