Pet Adoption


Pet Adoption offers so many rewards and benefits ! We have a special place in our heart for pets that are given a second chance in life through Pet Adoption. With the help of the internet and social media, there are no limits or boundaries to adopting a pet regardless of location. We absolutely love being a part of helping a rescued pet relocate to their forever home! We have been fortunate to be a part of this process on many occasions! We have people whom have found a connection with a pet that has been featured on Facebook or and we have helped with the entire process to relocate the pet to their new family.

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Adopt A Pet

Caution ! Please be aware of Pet Scams ! Click HERE for more information regarding Pet Adoption Scams


We can provide all the necessary arrangements to bring your new adopted pet to his or her forever home.

We will:

  • Work with the Shelter and Vet to coordinate the timing of the travel

  • Arrange all the required vet exams, vaccinations and documents

  • Arrange the airline reservations and itinerary

  • Transportation to/from the airport

  • Provide the required airline approved travel crate and bedding and travel bowls

A few featured favorite pet adoption stories…

Lucky adopted in Shelby NC and relocated to her forever home in San Francisco CA


Lucky getting all clean and pretty for her new family

Pet -Relocation

Lucky visiting the vet for her exam before flight

Pet Relocation

Lucky meeting her new mom !

Belle adopted in Charlotte NC and relocated to Seattle Washington


Belle getting checked in for her flight . On the way to meet her new family !


Belle with her new Mommy in Seattle Washington

Nellie was adopted from a shelter in NC and relocated to Bermuda

Pet Relocation

Nellie pick up from NC Shelter to relocate to Bermuda


Nellie living the life with her new family in Bermuda