International Pet Shipping Services



An international pet transport can have its challenges as there are country regulations and requirements that vary depending on the country of origin and country of destination. Often an ISO Microchip, International Health Certificate, and Rabies Certificate are required. Import Permits and blood tests are also required in some countries as well as quarantine.

The costs involved with international pet shipping depend on the weight and size of the pet and kennel, the destination, and the method in which they are transported.The most inexpensive way is to carry on board, but this is restricted to the smaller pets and the countries that allow import as excess baggage. Some counties require that live animals be imported only as Cargo.

To prepare your pet for travel, it’s always a good idea to get them acclimated to their kennel. Recommended soft bedding, favorite toys, and an “open door” policy will encourage them to spend time in their kennel prior to travel.

To help facilitate the step by step process and guidance in shipping your pet, it is recommended to consult with a Pet Relocation Company. Our Pet Relocation Company can offer “door to door” International pet shipping services which include the ground transport and check in at the origin, freight booking, and the customs clearance and delivery at the destination.

We relocate pets using trusted airlines that ensure your pet’s safety and well being. Lufthansa is just one of the airlines that we trust and most of their flights from the US connect at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.