How To Ship My Pet



A Pet Shipping Company can help to facilitate everything required to ship your pet to their new home. There are many details and variables involved in shipping a pet. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, there are airline requirements and country regulations. Once you confirm you are relocating, it is best to reach out to a Pet Relocation Company right away for guidance and pricing. International moves, depending on the country of import, can require tests and vaccines well in advance,prior to relocating.

Continental Pet Relocation provides transportation and relocation of pets moving within the U.S. and internationally. As a USDA and TSA service provider, let us handle the details of your pet’s transportation while you handle the closing of another happy home!

Pet Relocation Company Services

Focusing on your pet’s safety and comfort, our Pet Relocation Specialists can offer the full door to door move and handle the following:

  • Itineraries and flight arrangements
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel crates
  • Overnight boarding
  • Health certificates and travel documents
  • Identification and labeling
  • Compliance with pet import/export regulations of various countries

Our service will assist your client with all the pet shipping laws & rules, documentation, necessary vaccinations, and mandatory quarantines that vary upon location .There are a number of variables involved in pet relocation based on destination, and our team is trained to handle all the intricacies associated with each airline both domestic and international.

 What are the requirements to ship my pet ?

The safety and comfort of the traveling pet is our top concern. The airlines, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the customs authorities, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the governments of other countries all want pets to be transferred safely from place to place – and all these bodies have rules, regulations and restrictions aimed at ensuring the safety of the pet. These regulations include the crate specifications, import and export documents, blood tests and vaccines to name a few.With so many organizations regulating pet transportation, the paperwork involved can be daunting. Our pet shipping experts know the requirements and have experience in shipping pets worldwide.Pets attempted to be shipped without ALL of the required regulations set by each of these individual agencies are subject to being:

  • Denied flying on their scheduled flight
  • Refused entry at the destination airport, and returned to their original origin
  • Not released from the airport after arrival
  • Put into unnecessary quarantine stations

Vet Requirements for Pet Shipping

All domestic and international pet shipping required a health exam performed by a vet. For international shipments, your vet must be accredited with the USDA. Depending on the country of import, specific documents need to be completed by the vet and often endorsed by the USDA.


Pet Travel Crates

You can buy airline approved kennels are your local pet supply store. There are IATA regulations for the travel crates that we must comply with. Please make sure to check with an experienced pet shipper to ensure your kennel meets all the requirement