We fly pets safely to all international destinations, including all favorite vacation hotspots. While pets are in transit at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge, our employees provide individual care and food to your four-legged friends, who are able to recover nicely from the first leg of their journey thanks to precautions taken to soundproof the facility and obstruct views into and out of it. We avoid unnecessary stress on animals by waiting to bring them to the aircraft until shortly before departure. When booked in advance, we also provide plastic kennels. Available in four different sizes, they are fitted with absorbent liners and ensure that animals receive enough fresh air.  

Premium service for four-legged friends: Live/td Premium.

With Live/td Premium, we offer additional exclusive services to ensure pet owners that their four-legged friends receive even greater personal care. We send you pictures of your beloved pet as soon as it has gotten comfortable in the extra spacious kennel* at our Animal Lounge in Frankfurt. In addition, a personal contact is available if you have any questions. We also make allowances for special requests in transit, including administering medications or providing special food. And last but not least, we provide a leaflet containing all of the important and useful tips for the special transport of pets in good time prior to the scheduled flight so owners can make preparations for the journey at their own pace and in peace. Live/td Premium gives peace of mind to owners about the upcoming travels of their beloved pets.

The world’s most modern airport animal facility.

Find more about the world’s most modern animal station. Our animated infographic introduces you to the various processes at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge and its “hotel rooms” for all kind of animals.

With a surface area of around 4,000 m², the Frankfurt Animal Lounge combines all services – handling, animal coordination and veterinarians – under one roof. Fifty employees and trained animal keepers ensure around-the-clock care. Special care was taken when designing Animal Lounge to make sure animals have the most comfortable stay possible. The entire station is equipped with a non-slip asphalt floor, which is more pleasant and more comfortable for animals and people than standard concrete. The entire loading area is weather-protected.

The animal station is home to export, import and transit zones. All are physically separated from each other to avoid any contact between export and import animals. The individual zones can be divided into several sections to ensure that visual and acoustic separation of certain animals can be provided if necessary. Ornamental fish can be examined under black light and cared for by specialists in the event of medical emergencies.