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PET AIR TRAVEL Pet travel and booking your furry family member with the airlines can be a confusing process and often people are misinformed, resulting in foiled plans and frustration. Add to this process the complex requirements for pets entering foreign countries and it can become overwhelming. We would like to offer a brief overview

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Looking to add to your family  ?  Pets bring so much joy to our life but it’s important to find the breed that is right for your family. To get started, We’ve included a list of the most popular dog breeds of 2014-2015. Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2015 – For the 24th consecutive year, the

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SUMMER PET SHIPPING – SHIPPING YOUR PETS DURING THE HOT SUMMER MONTHS CAN BE A CHALLENGE     Are you looking to relocate your pet ? There are many things to consider when relocating your pet, such as the import rules and regulations of the country you are relocating your pet to. In addition to that,

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