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DOG BEHAVIOR Have you ever asked the question, why does my dog eat grass or chase his tail ? Some dogs display some funny behaviors that we often wonder what the cause is. We answered just a few top questions that people ask about dogs.   WHY DOES MY DOG EAT GRASS? If you Google

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Looking to add to your family  ?  Pets bring so much joy to our life but it’s important to find the breed that is right for your family. To get started, We’ve included a list of the most popular dog breeds of 2014-2015. Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2015 – For the 24th consecutive year, the

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SUMMER PET SHIPPING – SHIPPING YOUR PETS DURING THE HOT SUMMER MONTHS CAN BE A CHALLENGE     Are you looking to relocate your pet ? There are many things to consider when relocating your pet, such as the import rules and regulations of the country you are relocating your pet to. In addition to that,

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