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SUMMER PET RELOCATION With the summer comes the heat…which creates some challenges regarding pet shipping. Airlines have restrictions on certain breeds and temperatures depending on the origin and destination. At Continental Pet Relocation, we have the information regarding guidelines and restrictions in order to help facilitate your pet’s relocation during the summer months. Here […]


pet transport, pet shipping, pet relocation
Pet Transport Services Pet Transport Services can be required if you are relocating your pet. Many airlines require a professional pet shipping company to book your pet when traveling international. In addition, relocating your pet can have many challenges, especially regarding the complex requirements depending on the country of import/export. It is recommended that you […]


Pet Relocation
International Pet Shipping An international move can have its challenges, especially if there are furry family member’s involved. There are regulations and requirements to ship live animals that vary depending on the country of origin and country in which you are importing to.  Often an ISO Microchip, International Health Certificate, and Rabies Certificate is […]