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Cost of Shipping A Pet   Cost of Shipping A Pet People often ask us “What is the cost of shipping a pet?”. When people are relocating to a different city, state or country, they often have a lot of things to coordinate for their move. One of these things […]


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PCS ORDERS How to plan and prepare once you receive your PCS Orders Commonly Overlooked Steps Start PCS planning early — don’t let your move date creep up on you. Make a budget for expenses before reimbursement or for non-reimbursable expenses. Create a new spending plan that reflects the cost […]


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SUMMER PET SHIPPING – SHIPPING YOUR PETS DURING THE HOT SUMMER MONTHS CAN BE A CHALLENGE     Are you looking to relocate your pet ? There are many things to consider when relocating your pet, such as the import rules and regulations of the country you are relocating your pet […]


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Military Relocation Military Relocation- Once you receive your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders, you will have plenty on your mind regarding your relocation. Often times, these orders come with little notice and relocating your pet can have requirements that involve some time and planning. Whether you decide to relocate […]