Pet Relocation

Chuckie relocated from Hawaii to Tennessee


Relocating your pet bird can have many challenges, especially regarding the requirements depending on the country of import/export.

A few of our favorite relocations were Chuckie and Boop Boop. They aren’t your average birds that fly south for the winter. Quite the opposite…they flew Northeast from Maui,Hawaii to Charlotte North Carolina. Then they took a road trip to Knoxville,Tennessee to their new home.
Continental Pet Relocation had the pleasure of helping move Chuckie and Boop Boop to their new home.
Chuckie, an Eclectus Parrot, had an interesting vocabulary. A few of our favorite “Chuckie sayings” were “Outside”, “Sweet Potato”, and “Good Morning Charles” (regardless of the time of day). The Eclectus Parrot is native to the Solomon Islands, Sumba and New Guinea. The Eclectus parrot is rivaled as one of the most brilliant parrots. Both male and female are full of beautiful colors from red contrasted by and almost electric blue to green contrasted by bright yellow. These colors make them among the most sexually dimorphistic birds. The female of the species boasts a fire engine red head with electric blue chest and a black beak where as the male is covered with a bright jade green and bright yellow beaks. Eclectus Parrots often behave calmly even when frightened, which has led to a reputation for lethargy. Once acclimated, they enjoy toys and bond strongly with their owner. They are relatively quiet but does have harsh screech.

Boop Boop, an African Grey Parrot, is one of the most popular companion parrots available. They are highly intelligent birds. They have ability to imitate human speech and just about any other sound they so choose. African Greys are very sensitive to their environment. Unfamiliar sounds, toys, household items, people, animals and the like will often scare them.To help avoid having an African Grey that is scared of everything, try to introduce them to new things and people as often as you can.

Changing their routine will help too. Don’t let them become such a creature of habit that any change will stress them out. Someday you may need to change their routine or take them to someone else to care for them. This becomes very beneficial if you ever need to relocate your parrot to a new home and will ease the transition for him/her.

Chuckie and Boop Boop have settled in nicely to their new home in Tennessee. If you ever need assistance moving your pets, contact Continental Pet Relocation for expert advice.

Remember with relocation of birds, there are additional requirements and involvement from Fish & Wildlife is required.